LinkedIn for Investigators


According to Omnicore, a digital marketing firm, the current number of LinkedIn users is approximately 756 million making it one of the larger social media sites - yes, a social media site.

On traditional social media sites individuals tend to be guarded about their personal information however, our experience shows that the opposite occurs on LinkedIn. This makes it an extremely important site to gather information on both individuals and businesses.

In this course, participants will develop competent investigative strategies for exploiting LinkedIn and "deep diving" into the user data. This data then allows investigators to pivot onto other sites to further their investigation.



When Offered

  • Online
  • Anytime
  • Course length: 1 week or approximately 5 - 10 hours


Who Should Take This Course

Any investigator that wants a “deep dive” into LinkedIn to exploit all of its search capabilities and user data.



Much of the information found on LinkedIn allows us to branch off onto other important social media websites.


Course Goals

Upon the successful completion of this program students will be able to competently data mine LinkedIn. By learning to properly use LinkedIn, and all of its features, the student will be able to gather information on:

  • Their subject;
  • Their professional life - both school and work;
  • Their companies;
  • Their likes and interests;
  • Possible associates.

All of the above information allows the student to pivot to other investigative sites and techniques.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate, through exploiting LinkedIn's search engine, how to conduct an investigation on an individual, business, group or event;
  • Demonstrate how to exploit the search features of LinkedIn;
  • Set up their LinkedIn account for covert investigations;
  • State the importance of how to capture online information;
  • Set up "sock puppets" and why it's important to follow certain protocols.


Text & Resource Material

Students will require the following:

  • Laptop or desktop that uses either the Windows, MAC or Linux operating system;
  • The Chrome web browser;
  • Unrestricted Internet access;
  • Students will be supplied with an eManual.


Course Evaluation

Specific course evaluation information will be provided by the instructor at the start of the course.

This course is strictly for personal learning.


Course Outline

Please note:

  • This course is not offered by the college.
  • Upon successful course completion the student will receive a course certificate issued by Cyber Training International.



$75.00 (+5% GST)



Cyber Training International reserves the right to restrict student access due to the sensitivity of the subject matter being taught.

Please see our Course Policies & Requirements for details.

Module 1 LinkedIn
Unit 1 Copyright Notice  
Unit 2 Resources  
Unit 3 Welcome  
Unit 4 Introduction  
Unit 5 Background  
Unit 6 Searching - No Login  
Unit 7 LinkedIn Sock Puppets  
Unit 8 Searching - Logged In  
Unit 9 Course Survey