02.womeninvestigation.0417.loTraditional police investigations are rapidly evolving. Today, criminal investigations often involve the heavy use of both the Internet and social media. Are you prepared to deal with these types of files?

“I got assigned an online harassing file. For the first time in my career I felt lost and unprepared. Real world I can deal with…but the Internet…”

 At Cyber Training International we will show you how to investigate online files through “hands on” lessons and techniques that were used in actual files. You are gaining experience and knowledge from investigator’s who have “been there, done that” – not an instructor who has a passing interest in the Internet.

Whether you investigate internet fraud, gang activity or just want to know more about your suspect these online training courses will help you become a more experienced investigator. Investigator’s who have taken this training repeatedly tell us that they become the “go to” people in their organization for Internet related files.

These courses are geared to anyone who investigates crime and needs to enhance their online investigative skills. Whether you are a police investigator, private investigator or government investigator these courses and techniques will work anywhere in the world.

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The benefits of online training

    • Available to you on your schedule – 24/7/365.   This training might be offered twice a year at a police academy or other institution.

    • Proceed at your pace – not the instructors.

    • The most up to date material – always.  As new material comes in it is uploaded to the course.

    • Cost. Because we don’t have admin fees or infrastructure costs we can pass the savings directly on to you. Your organization doesn’t have to worry about travel expenses, per diems or other costly add-ons.

As the Internet and Social Media play a bigger role in our investigations it is important that you know how to gather, preserve, store and present the evidence.


Increment Compatible

Does your organization require you to take increment courses? We have designed this program to be increment compatible. Levels I & II meet all organizational requirements – 35hrs with a final exam. Check with your department.


Who can take These courses?

    • Any police officer (the course is currently only offered in English)

    • Any government investigator

    • Any licensed private investigator

    • Any corporate investigator with permission

How much are the courses?

For course pricing please visit our Purchase page.

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