Student Testimonials

The following are unsolicited testimonials from former Cyber Training International students.

“I recently spent a large sum of money to attend a social media program taught by a private investigator on the East Coast. Mark’s online program cost me a fraction of that course and I learned much more about social media investigations and was able to learn it far more effectively at my own pace.”


“I took this course and the CPKN Internet course at the same time and this course was FAR more challenging and informative.”

Det/Cst KB, Municipal PD – Specialty Squad

“I found this course to be extremely informative. The video’s were extremely helpful for those of us who are visual learners. To be able to watch the video and then read the material after, actually made the light bulb go on, figuratively speaking. I feel this is a course all police officers should have.”

Det/Cst KC, Provincial Task Force

“I was at a conference in Vancouver last week in which the presenter from Dept. of Homeland Security spoke about the Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht. Having just recently taken your Level 1 course I was familiar with the topic. So thank you for that.”

Det/Cst LS, Municipal PD – Major Crimes Unit

“I liked the fact the information was current and relevant. The information found in this course is very carefully researched and well communicated. I will use these tools in the course of my investigations where applicable.”

Spl/Cst EM, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development (FLNRORD)

“Course is perfect. Will recommend to my colleagues.”

Det/Cst BB, Municipal PD – Specialty Squad

“Overall, I thought it was a very good introduction to online, open-source searching. I learned a lot of things I hadn’t known before, and I thought it was a very good use of my time. The course has, I think, just the right amount of introductory content, and it’s laid out in a conversational style.”

A/Insp JJ, Municipal PD – In Charge, Specialty Squad

“I have always enjoyed searching the net for various items, people etc. I now realize how little I knew. This course has taught me a lot of valuable methods that will provide significantly better results.”

S/Sgt GD, Municipal PD

Overall this was an excellent course that actually changed the way I look at open source information. Organized well with top notch customer service. I would recommend this course to other investigators.

Det/Cst EL, Municipal PD – Specialty Unit

“This has been the best online course I have ever taken. The instructor is clearly a subject matter expert and did an excellent job presenting the material in a logical format.”

Spl/Cst LK, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development (FLNRORD)

“Bloody good course – will sign up for part 2 in January.”

Det/Cst TW, Municipal PD – Tech Crimes

“The course is contemporary and relevant, making it very practical and helpful. The presentation is simplistic yet detailed, clearly showing that it is well thought out and prepared for.”

Cst ML, Municipal PD

“I am a newbie when it comes to social media and this course was not only able to give me some great tools, but also took away some of the mystery and fear of social media.”

Cst TJ, Municipal PD

“While I consider myself reasonably adept at using the Internet and related social networking sites and Google, this course was chocked full of great tips and advise for how to become much more effective at open source searching. I will be able to conduct open source inquiries with much more confidence now.”

CV, Licensed Private Investigator (Retired Municipal PD)

“I had no idea you could access so much. I need a lot of practice. It was very well laid out and you were very good about answering questions promptly.”

EW, Licensed Private Investigator

“I learned so much more about searching for persons. I use Google and Facebook all the time to search witnesses, victims and suspects but there was so much I had never tried. I love the section on Firefox add-ons.”

Det/Cst DM, Municipal PD

“The course was laid out very well and is very topical giving investigators new tools to use in an attempt to identify suspects and obtain real intelligence.”

Sgt RT, Municipal PD

“The course is designed in such a way that it is easier to learn the topics and makes you feel more comfortable with the various tools available.”

Cst TJ, Municipal PD

“User friendly, straightforward, work at your own pace/schedule, interesting content.”

Cst CM, Municipal PD

“It was a great refresher and i liked that i could log on between my regular life activities and complete the units at my own pace.”

Cst CA, Municipal PD

“It was great – tougher than I expected, yet very useful information. I really appreciated knowing that you would answer questions so promptly – made a huge difference. I found the right amount of time, practice and exercises were dedicated to each subject matter.”

LN, Municipal PD – Analyst

“The course opened my eyes to a whole new world of add-ons and search engines that I had no clue of before.”

GM, Licensed Private Investigator (Retired Municipal PD)

“Before, I never utilized Google’s search feature other than simply typing in a search term As-Is or just changing some words around.. this course allowed me to search for things in ways that I never knew how. I thought the course was very good and provided enough information without completely overwhelming the reader.”

Det KK, Municipal PD – Special Investigations

“Very well organized lesson plan with a good progression through the chapters.”

Det JR, Municipal PD – Special Investigations

“I’m an experienced major crimes investigator, and learned a lot about how to hunt out clues and suspects.”

Det DL, Municipal PD – Major Crimes

“Great deal of information that was presented well… great progression of the course from the beginning to the end… covers what you would need to start an investigation with limited information.”

Cst AP, Municipal PD

“I enjoyed the examples and being able to search and follow along with them.”

Cst DB, Municipal PD

“I loved the quizzes at the end of each module. It really helped me practice what I was learning and I also really enjoyed the videos.”

Det/Cst LZ, Provincial Task Force