Live OSINT Training

Live OSINT Training (Via Zoom) restarting in September 2022!

The principals of Cyber Training International have decades of experience working in law enforcement and consulting with a wide variety of government and corporate institutions. We are only too aware of the budget constraints many of our colleagues face; agencies are often reluctant, or unable, to send their investigators to other locations for training – training that is crucial in order to obtain the best investigative outcomes.

The following courses will be offered starting in September 2022:

    • How to Investigate an Email Address
    • How to Investigate a Phone Number
    • How to Investigate an Address
    • How to Create an Effective Sock Puppet

More information regarding these courses will be posted over the next few weeks.

Let Me Know When Courses Are Offered

CTI’s live OSINT training via Zoom allows us to provide our unique training to anyone, anywhere, in Canada.

  • Students are able to learn from the comfort of their office or home
  • Students can ask the instructors questions in real time and receive immediate feedback
  • Training is affordable to every investigative agency

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