Creating an Effective Covert Account


One of the most common questions we receive is, "How do I make a covert (sock puppet) account?" This is usually followed by, "Why is Facebook rejecting my sock puppet?"

It's true, these days it can be extremely difficult to create an effective covert investigation account. Many social media sites use advanced techniques to check the authenticity of profile pictures, phone numbers, email addresses and your Internet Protocol address.

Investigating online means creating social media accounts. It is important that you create accounts that are anonymous and do not readily identify you. Why is this necessary? As investigators we need to create these online personas in order to:

  • Protect our identity,
  • Protect our families,
  • Protect our file(s),
  • Protect our organization,
  • Our subjects know we go online to investigate them,
  • Defense lawyers warn their clients that we monitor their online activity,
  • People are now moving to more privatized sites and forums where you need to be invited to join.

This is NOT an online undercover course.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create an effective online covert account,
  • How to defeat social media account checkers,
  • The issues surrounding covert accounts,
  • How to join online groups,
  • The benefits of "burner" phones.


When Offered

  • Online
  • Anytime
  • Course length: 1 week or approximately 3 hours


Who Should Take This Course

Any investigator that investigates online.

Cyber Training International reserves the right to restrict student access due to the sensitivity of the subject matter being taught as per our Course Policies.



Familiarity with the Internet and social media.


Course Goals

Upon the successful completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Create an effective covert account,
  • Join all social media sites using these accounts,
  • Recognize the investigative issues surrounding these accounts,
  • Understand the need for organizational policy surrounding these accounts.


Resource Material

Students will require the following:

  • Laptop or desktop that uses either the Windows, MAC or Linux operating system.
  • A smartphone - preferably a repurposed phone (not a work or current personal phone). At the very least be able to access WiFi networks.
  • Purchase a SIM card ($10) - preferable but not necessary
  • Unrestricted Internet access.


Course Evaluation

Successfully joining various social media sites using your covert account.


Course Outline

Please note:

  • This course is not offered by the college.
  • Upon successful course completion the student will receive a course certificate issued by Cyber Training International.



$80.00 (+5% GST)



Cyber Training International reserves the right to restrict student access due to the sensitivity of the subject matter being taught.

Please see our Course Policies & Requirements for details.

Module 1 Covert Accounts
Unit 1 Copyright Notice  
Unit 2 Welcome  
Unit 3 Resources  
Unit 4 Course Equipment Requirements  
Unit 5 Policies and Procedures  
Unit 6 Ethical Questions  
Unit 7 What is a research account?  
Unit 8 Active vs Passive Research  
Unit 9 Building An Effective Account  
Unit 10 More Things to Think About  
Unit 11 Things To Avoid  
Unit 12 Social Media Platforms  
Unit 13 Final Thoughts