Is Your Instructor…

Before taking any course from any company always check the credentials of both the instructor(s) and the organization.

    • Have they ever been a police officer?
    • Have they ever investigated Technological or Internet files?
    • Have they ever been recognized as a court expert?
    • Have they ever received recognition for their investigations?
    • What exactly are they going to teach you?
    • Will their course material actually help you with your investigations?


A Police Officer and Open Source Trainer

Why should you take this training from me?  Who am I?  If you haven’t read my online CV you can do so here and on LinkedIn.

    • I was a police officer for over 28 years with one of the largest municipal police departments in Canada
    • I was with the Technological Crime Unit for over 12 years specializing in OSINT and SOCMINT investigations
    • I have been using open source investigative techniques since 1998
    • Since the early 2000’s I have taught thousands of police officers, intelligence analysts, government agencies and private groups about the Internet and Social Media
    • I was the departmental Internet trainer and policy adviser
    • I have taught at; the Justice Institute of BC, the BC Police Academy, BC Institute of Technology and Holland College – Advanced Police Academy
    • I have been declared a Provincial court expert in Social Media
    • I have received local, national and international recognition for my Internet investigations
    • I have advised senior management on Internet privacy issues
    • I have appeared before the Canadian Privacy Commission and advised on police, privacy and the Internet
    • I assisted / advised every section within my department on files requiring Internet expertise
    • I am regularly contacted by outside agencies for advice regarding Internet investigations
    • I have worked in:
          • Patrol
          • Youth Squad
          • Waterfront Unit
          • Drug Enforcement and Education
          • Criminal Intelligence Section
          • Financial Crime Section
          • Technological Crime Unit (Internet Investigations)


A Private Investigator, Researcher and Open Source Trainer

In 2016 I retired from policing and am now a licensed private investigator in the province of British Columbia. I continue to:

    • Investigate both criminal and civil Internet files
    • Conduct open source research
    • Continue to train other investigators in open source techniques

You will not find a more qualified or experienced trainer – anywhere.

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