Resume Check

How to conduct a basic resume check

Are you in charge of hiring new people? Do you ever wonder if you have done a proper background check on someone? Do you even do background checks?

The majority of people who submit resumes have lied somewhere on the document; their work experience, previous jobs and education, references – all of which are easily checked online.

Canada has very strict privacy and hiring laws. Unlike the U.S, it is very difficult to find information on people without having access to government data bases. While I was a police officer I often found more information online than I did in our data bases!

In this course we will discuss Canadian privacy and hiring laws as well as how to conduct a thorough resume review using only open source information. You will be provided with a sample resume and shown how to analyze the information provided.

You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your business to properly screen new applicants. Make sure you hire the right person for the right job!



A tablet, a laptop or a Desktop using either the Windows or OS (Apple) operating system.


Course length

The student has 1 week to complete the course. However, depending on the skill set of the student this course can be completed in as little as one day (or less).



This course is NOT offered through the JIBC.
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Instructor Expectations

Taking an online course will be considered the same as attending a regular classroom.

Students are expected to:

    • Complete each course section
    • Complete the course on the designated end date specified by the instructor
    • Advise the instructor of any issues that might prevent the student from completing the course by the specified end date

Each student will be provided with:

    • A specified course end date
    • A mid point “friendly reminder”
    • Full access to the instructor between the hours of 0800 – 2200 PST. (Full access means that the instructor will return all emailed questions, concerns or comments within 30 minutes of receiving the students email).

Any student who fails to complete the course by the specified end date will:

    • Not pass the course
    • Not be issued a refund for the course


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