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Account Killer: Delete just about any online account or profile.

Address Lookup: Canada  /  International  /  US

Bitcoin Trace: BlockChain  /  BitcoinWhosWho

Canadian Courts:

Credit Card / BIN Lookup: Credit Cards

Domain / IP Lookup:   WhoIs  /  ViewDNS  /  DNSstuff  /  CentralOps  /  Domain History  /  Whoisology



Fact Checking Site: RelatedFacts

Forums:   BoardReader

GEO Fencing / Tagging – Please Note:   GEO Fencing and GEO Tagging capture less than 10% of ALL available open source information

Google Analytic Lookup:  SpyOnWeb

HashtagsHashtagify.me  /  KeyHole  /  TagBoard  /  HashAtIt

Images:   Jeffrey’sEXIF  /  FindEXIF  /  Reverse Image Search

Internet Archive:   Wayback Machine  /  CachedView  /  ScreenShots

IP / Domain Lookup:   WhoIs  /  ViewDNS  /  DNSstuff  /  CentralOps  /  Domain History  /  Whoisology

Instagram:   Webstagram  /  Webstame  /  Sometag

ISP List:  Contact list

OSINT Framework: An “all in one” link site

OSINT Tools: Another OSINT Site.

Phone: International / FoneFinder / US/CDA / TelcoData / Get A Human / Sync.me

Phone IMEI Checker. Is that smart phone stolen? Check it’s IMEI (Canada only): Device Check International: IMEIPro

Social Media Search / Analytics:   SocialMention  /  Social Searcher

Twitter Tools:  TweetBeaver  /  PeriscopeTV  /  OnPeriscope

Unscramble Tiny URLs:  GetLinkInfo  /  unTiny URL’s  /  LongURL

User Names:  Name Check  /  CheckUserNames  /  UserSearch  /  Pipl

VirusTotal – a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.

Web Hosting Lookup:   WhoIsHostingThis? Discover where a website is being hosted.

Website Mapping:   Visual Site Mapper

Website Scanner for Malware and Security IssuesSucuri

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