Please note that Facebook changes almost weekly. Because of this continual “Facebook Flux” some of the following add-ons / tools that work today may not work tomorrow.


Facebook Bookmarks

    • Facebook Stalker

    • Experimental Facebook Graph Search – Some automated Facebook searches. According to the creator it is still in experimental mode. Always remember, “old school” searching will generally locate more info.

    • Another Facebook auto-search – Always remember, “old school” searching will generally locate more info (based on my own experiments using these tools).

    • New Facebook Graph SearchSome things you can do with the new Graph Search.  As of 2017 Facebook Graph no longer works as well as it once did. We now offer an Advanced Facebook Search course to show you how to get these types of searches back.

    • Find My Facebook ID – Easily find a Facebook user’s ID number. Does the Facebook Graph search for you.

      Or, use profile_id: Not sure what this means? Take our Facebook for Investigators course.

    • Facebook Smart Card – A good, simple guide on how to secure your Facebook profile. Good advice to pass on to those you know.

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