Facebook Advanced Search

Facebook Advanced Search

Have you noticed how your usual Facebook searches no longer work? Are you frustrated with the lack of information you now get from Facebook?

The Facebook Advanced Search course will show you how to create unique search links (not Facebook Graph) that will guarantee you get the exact information you are looking for.

For example, we were once able to search for things like people who live in xxxx and like xxxx – these types of searches no longer work. Give it a try. Try the following searches by…(you need to be logged into Facebook):

This course will take you well beyond the Search Graph and into searches you never knew were possible.


Who Should Take This Course

Anyone who:

    • Works as a police officer

    • Works as an investigator

    • Works as an analyst



This is NOT a How To Facebook course. This course is geared to investigators who:

    • Have a good understanding of Facebook

    • Use Facebook Graph Search on a regular basis

    • Rely on Facebook to gather interesting information on groups and individuals

If you are new to Facebook or haven’t really grasped the Facebook Graph Search then we suggest taking the Facebook for Investigators course. This information will be presented on that course.


Course length

The student has 1 week to complete the course. However, depending on the skill set of the student this course can be completed in as little as one day (or less).


What you will need for this course:

    • A laptop or desktop running either the Windows or MAC operating system. These courses are designed for an “off the shelf PC” – the standard, issued piece of equipment found in all government offices.
    • Have unrestricted access to the Internet
    • A Facebook account



This course is NOT offered through the JIBC.
Registration is now done directly through this site by clicking on the Buy Now button.

For more information about this course please contact me.

The cost for this course is $52.50 CDN (includes 5% GST)


Please note, these courses are only offered to Law Enforcement, Government Investigators and Licensed Private Investigators

Credentials WILL be verified before granting access to the course(s)



Instructor Expectations

Taking an online course will be considered the same as attending a regular classroom.

Students are expected to:

    • Complete each course section
    • Complete each course quiz
    • Complete the final exam / quiz
    • Complete the course on the designated end date specified by the instructor
    • Advise the instructor of any issues that might prevent the student from completing the course by the specified end date

Each student will be provided with:

    • A specified course end date
    • A mid point “friendly reminder”
    • A final week “friendly reminder”
    • Full access to the instructor between the hours of 0800 – 2200 PST. (Full access means that the instructor will return all emailed questions, concerns or comments within 30 minutes of receiving the students email).

Any student who fails to complete the course by the specified end date will:

    • Not pass the course
    • Not be issued a refund for the course

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