How To Obtain Email Headers

Please note

    • These documents only show you how to expose the email headers
    • The majority of popular email programs such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! now remove the sender’s IP and replace it with their own

If you would like to capture the user’s real IP address please read about our LEEDIT tool.

For a complete list of ALL email programs and how to expose email headers: Who@

Email Search

Email Hunter

Pipl Search

Have I been Pwned?: Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.

Email Verification

Email Verify

Another email verify

Analyzing / Reading Email Headers

Next Web Security – One of the best email header breakdown for spam. Will also do IP v6 lookups. This program was created by Terrill Caplan who also created our own LEEDT tool for tracing individuals.

Goggle Apps Analyzer – email header breakdown for spam

MX Toolbox Email Header Analyzer email header breakdown

IpTracker email header breakdown

Levine Central’s Mail Parse – Tracing Emails – email header breakdown Article on understanding email headers, phishing, spoofing etc.


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