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Still not sure why you should take this training? If your job involves ANY type of Internet investigation then learning how to exploit open source information is critical for solving, locating and doing background checks on your subject’s.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you should take this training.


      Q) A victim / client comes to you saying they have been “ripped off” online. They only have the suspect’s email’s and an email address. How would you:

          • Locate the suspect?

          • Determine a possible real name for the suspect?


      Q) A suspect you are searching for in the “real world” has completely disappeared from sight. Information you receive states that your suspect / target is online. How would you search for them online?

          • You can’t find them online under their real name. What would you now use to try and find them online?

          • You find them online but how do you determine their real location?


      Q) You have found your client’s / victim’s stolen property on an Internet classified site. What methods would you use to:

          • Identify the suspect’s location.

          • Get the victim’s property back?

      I forgot to mention that the suspect only uses text messages to communicate. What now?

      Q) Your victim / client was assaulted at a crowded event. Where might you find any evidence of the assault and how would you contact the person who has the potential evidence?

      Q) You are having problems with graffiti, gangs and drugs in your district. How could you use the Internet to identify the taggers, gang members and drug dealers in your area?

      Q) A client / victim is being harassed online via social media. How do you:

          • Remove the information?

          • Identify the suspect?

          • Locate the suspect?


    These are not trick questions – these barely scratch the surface of the types of open source investigations I have been doing for the past 20 years.

    By taking these courses you will not only learn how to deal with the above scenarios but also be exposed to many more techniques.

    How to Register for a Course

    All Cyber Training International courses are available exclusively through either the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) as part of the School of Criminal Justice & Security, Police Academy – Advanced Police Training or, Holland College – Advanced Police Academy. Upon the successful completion of any courses offered, students will receive a Letter of Completion, or Certificate of Completion sent to their home agency.
    The following courses are now offered through either the JIBC or Holland College:

      • Critical Incident Management and Social Media
      • Facebook for Investigators
      • Internet Lite
      • Internet Investigations – Level I
      • Internet Investigations – Level II
      • LEEDIT

    To see a detailed description of each course please check out our Courses Offered tab at the top of the page.
    Registration is now done directly through either the JIBC or Holland College. Simply fill in the online Registration Form, and click the Submit button.

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    Contact Information

    Justice Institute of BC
    For more information about these courses please contact either myself or the JIBC Advanced Police Training program at: Advanced Police Training.

    Holland College
    For more information about these courses please contact either myself or call the college directly at 902-888-6700.

    Please note, these courses are only offered to Law Enforcement, Government Investigators and Licensed Private Investigators

    Credentials WILL be verified before granting access to the course(s)

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