Internet Investigations – Level I

(This course is worth one increment point)


This program is usually offered at government training facilities as a 4.5 – 5 day / 35 – 40 hr classroom program. The beauty of this training is that it can be used by anyone in any investigative capacity; from patrol to Homicide to Drugs to Intel. As the investigator moves from one section to another this training will continue to be relevant.

    • This module is done at the students own pace
    • All students learn differently
    • Not all students begin with the same skill set:
    • Some are advanced and may find this module too easy however, I guarantee that you will learn something new
    • Most are comfortable around computers and will get a lot out of this module
    • Some students taking this module have limited computer skills and Internet investigative experience and will therefore benefit the most from this program.

Because we all learn at a different pace, and come to these courses with different levels of knowledge, all students are required to take the Internet Investigations – Level I.

All necessary software and tools are included with each module and belong to the student.

This training is designed to be as realistic as possible and will simulate, through actual scenarios, what an investigator is likely to encounter – no matter what section they work in.


Increment Compatible

Does your organization require you to take increment courses? I have designed this program to be increment compatible. Levels I & II meet all organizational requirements – 35hrs with a final exam. Check with your department.


What You Will Need For This Program

    • A laptop or desktop running either the Windows or MAC operating system. These courses are designed for an “off the shelf PC” – the standard, issued piece of equipment found in all government offices.
    • A 4GB (minimum) USB
    • Be able to install programs (computer Admin access)
    • The Firefox or Chrome web browser but NOT Internet Explorer


Topics Covered – Level I

After successfully completing Internet Investigations – Level I the student should have a better understanding of:

    • Introduction to the Internet
    • How the Internet Works
    • Definitions and other useful “need to knows” for warrants
    • Legal Issues
    • How to get around MLATS (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties)
    • Portable Apps
    • Firefox
    • Firefox Add-ons
    • Bookmarks
    • Google
    • Counter Surveillance
    • Hiding in Plain Sight
    • Open Source Searching
    • People, “nics,” usernames, phone numbers, emails
    • Account Takeovers
    • A lot of complaints come in about accounts being “hacked”
    • What to do
    • Internet Hoaxes
    • A lot of complaints come in about online hoaxes that appear real
    • What to look for

This knowledge will allow the student to articulate, for both a search warrant and the courts, what the Internet is, how it works and how information is gathered.


What the course does not cover

    • Computer forensics
    • Seizing electronic devices
    • Child pornography: Investigating child pornography without the knowledge and consent of your organization could result in your arrest for the possession of child pornography and or child luring.


Evaluation Methodology

    • After each section there may be either a short quiz or scenario to reinforce the student’s understanding of the concepts being taught.
    • The final “exam” will be a realistic investigative scenario that the student may encounter and will require you to employ all of the modules covered in order to satisfactorily “solve” the file.


How To Register For This Course

All Cyber Training International courses are available exclusively through the Justice Institute of British Columbia ( ) as part of the School of Criminal Justice & Security, Police Academy – Advanced Police Training. Upon the successful completion of any courses offered, students will receive a JIBC Letter of Completion, sent to their home agency.

Registration is now done directly through the JIBC. Simply fill in the online Registration Form, and click the Submit button.

No personal information is stored on this site.

For more information about these courses please contact either myself or the JIBC Advanced Police Training program manager, Nancy Jolin.

The cost for this course is $472.50 CDN (includes 5% GST) If this is for a departmental increment then the cost is $350.00 and worth one credit.


Please note, these courses are only offered to Law Enforcement, Government Investigators and Licensed Private Investigators

Credentials WILL be verified before granting access to the course(s)


JIBC / Instructor Expectations

Taking an online course will be considered the same as attending a JIBC classroom.

Students are expected to:

    • Complete each course section
    • Complete each course quiz
    • Complete the final exam / quiz
    • Complete the course on the designated end date specified by the instructor
    • Advise the instructor of any issues that might prevent the student from completing the course by the specified end date

Each student will be provided with:

    • A specified course end date
    • A mid point “friendly reminder”
    • A final week “friendly reminder”
    • Full access to the instructor between the hours of 0800 – 2200 PST. (Full access means that the instructor will return all emailed questions, concerns or comments within 30 minutes of receiving the students email).

Any student who fails to complete the course by the specified end date will:

    • Not receive a JIBC Letter of Completion
    • Not pass the course
    • Not be issued a refund for the course



It was great – tougher than I expected, yet very useful information. I really appreciated knowing that you would answer questions so promptly – made a huge difference.

I found the right amount of time, practice and exercises were dedicated to each subject matter.

LN, municipal police department – analyst

I found this course to be extremely informative. The video’s were extremely helpful for those of us who are visual learners. To be able to watch the video and then read the material after, actually made the light bulb go on, figuratively speaking. I feel this is a course all police officers should have.

Det / Cst KC, Provincial Task Force

Overall this was an excellent course that actually changed the way I look at open source information. Organized well with top notch customer service. I would recommend this course to other investigators.”

Det / Cst EL Municipal PD, specialty unit

“…I was at a conference in Vancouver last week in which the presenter from Dept. of Homeland Security spoke about the Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht. Having just recently taken your Level 1 course I was familiar with the topic. So thank you for that.”

Det / Cst LS, Municipal PD, Major Crimes Unit

Bloody good course – will sign up for part 2 in January.

Det/Cst TW, municipal police department – Tech Crime

Course is perfect. Will recommend to my colleagues.

Det/Cst BB, Municipal PD, specialty squad

Before, I never utilized Google’s search feature other than simply typing in a search term As-Is or just changing some words around.. this course allowed me to search for things in ways that I never knew how.

I thought the course was very good and provided enough information without completely overwhelming the reader.

Det KK, Municipal police officer – Special Investigations

Most information was a right amount to process and learn. Great to have practical exercises which allow to use the tools to get necessary info and have leading questions to point in a right direction.

AL, crime analyst, municipal police department

Great deal of information that was presented well… great progression of the course from the beginning to the end… covers what you would need to start an investigation with limited information.

Cst AP, Municipal police officer

I enjoyed the examples and being able to search and follow along with them.

Cst DB, Municipal police officer

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