Critical Incident Management and Social Media

The call comes in, “All units we have an active shooter at…” or “We have a barricaded suspect with a gun.” Hopefully your organization has been trained to deal with this type of incident. However, did you know that “real time” monitoring of these incidents on social media can produce and identify:

    • Witnesses that may never have been located using traditional investigative methods

    • Photos that may never have been located using traditional investigative methods

    • Video that may never have been located using traditional investigative methods

Did you know that in many instances the suspect(s) and their friends and family communicate with each other? That they will often monitor and disclose police locations during these incidents?

Automated Social Media Software will NOT Capture all of the Information Available!

I have challenged two very popular software vendors and one admits that their software will only capture 5 – 10% of all geo-tagged comments and images while the other admitted to only 2 – 4%. Both of these companies charge up to $2000 / mnth for one single licence. We teach you to do the same thing – for free! I took their training and using my techniques I found just as much, or more, information than their software.

Social media during these incidents should not be an after thought

There are many reasons why it is difficult to capture social media information after an event. I have been training organizations to recognize the importance of monitoring social media before, during and after an event in order to:

    • Protect the attendees

    • Capture and record real time criminal activity

    • Monitor the event before, during and after to determine the “sentiment” of the attendees and any possible disruption

Natural Disasters and Social Media

Time and again we have seen how phone lines become jammed and 911 operators become overwhelmed during natural disasters. Often times people trapped in buildings will tweet or post their location hoping that friends and family can find them.

You owe it to yourself and your organization to be prepared!


Course Requirements

It is assumed that:

    • the student has a working knowledge of the Internet

    • the student has a working knowledge of both Twitter and Facebook

    • the student already uses the Internet for investigative purposes.

If you are not familiar with using the Internet as an investigative tool then it is highly recommended that you take the Level I Internet Investigators course.


What You Will Need For This Course:

    • A laptop or desktop running either the Windows or MAC operating system. These courses are designed for an “off the shelf PC” – the standard, issued piece of equipment found in all government offices.
    • The Firefox or Chrome web browser NOT Internet Explorer (IE). IE has a tendency to be “buggy.”

    • Be able to install programs (computer Admin access)

    • A Facebook account – you can create one during the course

    • A Twitter account – you can create one during the course

    • A Hootsuite account – you can create one during the course

Evaluation Methodology

    • After each section there will either be a short quiz or scenario to reinforce the student’s understanding of the concepts being taught.

    • The final “exam” will be a realistic investigative scenario that the student may encounter and will require you to employ all of the modules covered in order to satisfactorily “solve” the file.


How To Register For This Course

All Cyber Training International courses are available exclusively through the Justice Institute of British Columbia ( ) as part of the School of Criminal Justice & Security, Police Academy – Advanced Police Training. Upon the successful completion of any courses offered, students will receive a JIBC Letter of Completion, sent to their home agency.

Registration is now done directly through the JIBC. Simply fill in the online Registration Form, and click the Submit button.

No personal information is stored on this site.

For more information about these courses please contact either myself or the JIBC Advanced Police Training program manager, Nancy Jolin.

The cost for this course is $400.00 CDN (includes 5% GST)


Please note, these courses are only offered to Law Enforcement, Government Investigators and Licensed Private Investigators

Credentials WILL be verified before granting access to the course(s)


JIBC / Instructor Expectations

Taking an online course will be considered the same as attending a JIBC classroom.

Students are expected to:

    • Complete each course section
    • Complete each course quiz
    • Complete the final exam / quiz
    • Complete the course on the designated end date specified by the instructor
    • Advise the instructor of any issues that might prevent the student from completing the course by the specified end date

Each student will be provided with:

    • A specified course end date
    • A mid point “friendly reminder”
    • A final week “friendly reminder”
    • Full access to the instructor between the hours of 0800 – 2200 PST. (Full access means that the instructor will return all emailed questions, concerns or comments within 30 minutes of receiving the students email).

Any student who fails to complete the course by the specified end date will:

    • Not receive a JIBC Letter of Completion
    • Not pass the course
    • Not be issued a refund for the course

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